About Us

Keeping innovation as the cornerstone for producing a wide range of biscuits, wafers and cookies, Innovative Biscuits has created high quality products using only the best ingredients. Our secret recipe is our vigor for creating something unique while working hard to spread well-being through our entire product portfolio.

Message from our Managing Director

Welcome to the world of
Innovative Biscuits

Our whole team of innovators envision to revolutionize the market, one bite at a time. As an organization we are committed to be responsible towards all our stakeholders, especially the consumers. These efforts are focused towards the mission to create a recipe for uplifting lifestyle and society. We aim to raise the bar on food standards in the industry and have found our mark by delivering quality products that have the best taste. Saying we love what we do, would be an understatement; we live for what we do!

Message from our Marketing Manager

Innovative Biscuits is young at heart, and we channelize our spirit to revamp the industry. This experimental approach led us to introduce oats in biscuits for the first time in Pakistan. Our top priority is to take in consideration the needs of our consumer & build brands with the vision of best tasting products that give them a unique experience. We work towards empowering youth by giving them nourishment and contentment through our products and initiatives. With this dedication, we seem to be getting closer to our aim: Becoming the market leader of a category that is highly competitive and diverse.