To care for our country, environment and the future, is something that we cater to at every step of our operations. From implementing new operational systems that bring down food wastage to creating communication for a bigger cause, Innovative Biscuits has always maintained its promise to make world a better place.

Jumbo Junior is the biggest example of our efforts to strive for a more purposeful communication that educates younger audience about their actions leading to depletion of scarce resources. A scrumptious, nutritious biscuit developed for children specifically, Jumbo Junior comes up with animated series of content that entails a deeper message for all the kids to make them more aware of their actions and consequences. So far, Jumbo Junior has addressed the issues of global warming & water depletion by creating awareness and consideration for these causes. Innovative Biscuits envisions to continue this trend by focusing on other threatening environmental issues as well. In order to ensure effectiveness of delivering the message, Jumbo Junior has taken the stage on ground to educate children in the one place they learn the most: Schools. By conducting relevant informative activities in various schools across Pakistan, Jumbo Junior has made students more aware of the issues in world and how small steps can ensure a more green future.